We want to encourage people to challenge themselves and take a step out of their comfort zones

Avanto Lifestyle was born above the Arctic Circle, in Finland.

The winters there are cold and dark.

We have had to find ways to survive and thrive in an environment where we lack sunlight and it can be freezing cold.

Our basic instinct has always been to step out of the comfort zone. By doing that, you expand your limits, little by little, and get to experience new things you otherwise wouldn’t. At the same time, you keep continually growing and developing as a human being.

What can you do with the challenges of the coldness? We have chosen to dive right into the most profound cold by swimming in the icy lakes. We teach our bodies to expand their limits while getting all the great benefits out of it.

Winter swimming helps you boost your mood and energy levels as a rocket. “Avanto” in Finnish means the hole in the ice of a lake or sea. It’s the source of superpowers, inspiration, and a fantastic flow-state. That’s where our company’s roots are.

So we aim to turn the challenges to our advantages.

This aim is what has fueled our passion for passing on to our customers. We want to encourage people to go out, no matter if it’s dark or the weather sucks.

When you go out to nature, you always end up feeling so much better by having the fresh air and the physical exercise that comes with it. Not to mention the mental calmness you achieve without even trying.

All our products have been tested and developed by our tough Finnish wilderness-survival guides, experts on any outdoor-activities, whether skiing, snowmobile riding, hunting, or anything in-between.

Our products are designed to support an active and adventurous lifestyle, whether it’s daily life, doing sports, or traveling. We test all our products in different environments.

Our mission is to do something good, and that’s why we have decided to give part of our product sales revenue to charity. We believe in paying it forward.